GN 1/9 (Black)

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 Plastic Food Pans,Storage

This polycarbonate clear hotel pan will easily stand up to temperature with a spread from -30°C to +90°C. The black container gives an excellent presentation appeal, along with transparent lid which helps one recongise the products inside. You'll be astounded to know that it is built of light-weight material and is still extraordinarily durable. Additionally, it is break-proof that makes it an extremely appreciated product within the commercial kitchen business. There are several different necessary features that boost its quality. These are rugged, dimensionally stable and extremely sturdy. We at Everything restaurant offers Polycarbonate GN 1/9 (Black) hotel pans of 3 volumes that include 0.5 litres, 0.7 litres and 1.25 litres. We have also mentioned the size below for your convenience.

    Product Size Size Capacity
    Description mm Inches ltrs.
    1/9 65mm Deep 175 x 108 x 65 7 x 4.25 x 2.5 0.5
    1/9 100mm Deep 175 x 108 x 100 7 x 4.25 x 4 0.7
    1/9 150mm Deep 175 x 108 x 150 7 x 4.25 x 6 1.25
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