GN Pan / Hotel Pan 1/3 (325 mm x 176 mm)

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 Arjan Global,Stainless Steel Foods Pans & Lids,Storage

These GN Pans are Ideal to be used in high-volume restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, catering businesses, dining halls and other foodservice establishments, this hotel pan is available in 6 different sizes with depths which are 20mm, 40mm, 65mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm and 6 volumes- 0.8 litres, 1.6 litres, 2.4 litres, 3.5 litres, 5.5 litres and 7.5 litres. You can order any of these, as per your wish. This is built of stainless steel, thus, it is highly reliable and durable. Along with this, it is dent and ding-resistant which makes it a strong and performance-driven addition. This pan also has reinforced corners which protect the part that is most often used for handling. it is easy to move and transport which makes it the most suitable product for your catering business.

The material options are Stainless Steel 200 Series Grade and 300 Series Grade. The offer a thickness of 0.6 and 0.8mm respectively.

We at Everything Restaurant offers it at the best possible prices. You can check the dimensions of the pan from the table shown below:-

DEPTH (mm) DEPTH (inch) CAPACITY (litres)
20 0.8 0.8
40 1.6 1.6
65 2.5 2.4
100 4 3.5
150 6 5.5
200 8 7.5
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