Chocolate Fountains (Cascaded)

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The best quality chocolate fountains can be expensive but trying to cut costs by investing in a cheap model might not be a wise choice because you’ll only end up disappointed. These high-quality chocolate fountains are capable of handling heavy chocolates like Couvertures (chocolates specially formulated for fountains). Couvertures differ from most other chocolates because these contain a greater percentage of fat, pertaining to cocoa butter or vegetable oil.

Therefore, it is a good choice to invest in a high-quality chocolate fountain at the very beginning so that you don’t spend more money in the long run.

The same concept with an entirely new presentation, our range of Cascade Chocolate Fountains really do create a fantastic visual and culinary delight. Always a centrepiece at any event, the Cascaded Chocolate Fountain will always impress.

The specifications for Cascaded Chocolate Fountain Models can be referred from the table below:-

Specifications Model SQ1 C Model SQ2 C Model SQ3 C
Total Height 723 mm 992 mm 1131 mm
Height of Top Section 452 mm 633 mm 735 mm
Width of Drum 255 mm 295 mm 367 mm
Height of Drum 271 mm 359 mm 396 mm
Width of Basin 300 mm 408 mm 495 mm
Weight 9.5 kg 18.5 kg 28 kg
Chocolate Capacity Up to 3 kg Up to 6 kg
Up to 15 kg
Electrical 230V/250W 230V/450W 230V/500W
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