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Product Review Campaign - T&C

Product Review Campaign - T&C

Your honest reviews are really important to us and we want your opinions to be heard.

Reviews help other customers make smart and right buying choices and helps us to make our products better. You can submit text, photo or video reviews on our website or other channels and you can earn 5% discount up to a maximum of Rs.500 on your next order.

Rs. 100 off on min. purchase of Rs. 2,000 for simple text reviews (min. character length 200)
Rs. 200 off on min. purchase of Rs. 4,000 for photo reviews, along with text review (product photo preferably in real usage environment)
Rs. 500 off on min. purchase of Rs. 10,000 for video reviews (product demonstration video)

We our always open to suggestions and really encourage you to share your opinions, both favorable and unfavorable. You can share the same with us either through whatsapp (+91 99879 12221) or email ( or under the reviews section on the website specific product page.

Who can create Everything Restaurant reviews?
Anyone who has purchased items from our website can submit a review in the form of text, photo or video.

Tips on writing good reviews
Provide useful constructive feedback: Shed light on both the positive and negative aspects of the product and how your overall shopping experience was.

Not too short, not too long: Be specific while writing reviews. Make sure you don’t keep it too short or make it too long to keep your audience engaged.

Be sincere and honest: We really value your opinions. It helps others to make smart buying choices and helps us to make our products better. We welcome your honest opinion- positive or negative. But keep things friendly and courteous.

What we disallow
No promotions: We don’t allow promoting products on our website through the use of advertisements and other promotional material.

No spamming: We don’t appreciate spamming our products with repeated reviews that make the same point excessively with the notion of promoting the products.

Objectionable material: Keep things calm and friendly. We don’t allow offensive and abusive remarks.

Inappropriate content: Please don’t include unnecessary things in your posts such as phone numbers, email addresses, external URL’s etc.

Insignificant information: Keep things product specific and don’t post any off-topic information.

If you have any questions regarding reviews, feel free to contact us.

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