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Chafing Dishes, Chafers and Chafer Accessories are perfect for your banquet hall, buffet, or catered events. Our chafing dishes are available in many styles like induction and fuel based. You shall find the largest range of these dishes, available on sale at unbeatable price, with various shapes and sizes.

Either you require our economical range of Valor, Starlit or Ocromento - built of Stainless Steel 202 Grade. Or you wish to buy Stainless Steel 304 Grade, NSF Listed with toughened glass hydraulic or manual lid options.

You can also buy our range of soup (hot serving), juice (cold serving) and snack dispensers (for cereals, nuts and bar snacks). The soup kettle warmer is an excellent addition to any restaurant, catering service, or buffet line that needs to hold soup, gravies, stews, or nacho cheese at food-safe serving temperatures.

The snack dispenser keeps food sanitary, white its airtight seal helps prevent food from going state preserving freshness for up to 45 days. The portion control system uses a soft, flexible paddle wheel that wont crush cereal reduces spills and dispenses a measured amount with each twist.

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