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Waffle Machines Buying Guide [2020]

Waffles are for everyone. For some, they are a dessert, an afternoon snack or even dinner. It is important to equip your kitchen with a waffle maker to serve your customers with what they need. Enjoy the delectable aroma and taste of freshly cooked waffles by adding a waffle maker to your kitchen appliances.

Things to know before you buy

There are majorly two main types of waffle makers. A standard waffle maker and a Belgian waffle maker. What your customers enjoy the most will help you decide which one to choose. A standard waffle maker has shallow segments and cooks up thinner, crispier waffles. On the other hand, a Belgian waffle maker features deep pockets on the grilling portion and is larger in size when compared to a standard waffle maker.

Waffle machines can be of different shapes which in turn determine their dimensions. These can be circular, square, rectangular etc.

For the most part, waffle machines are not very large appliances when compared to other cooking appliances. These can be easily placed in your kitchen and these do not acquire much space. Choose a waffle machine that best fits your budget and kitchen space.

Mostly, waffle machines offer non-stick grill plates resulting in nonstick cooking and easy maintenance. Materials for grid can be cast steel, cast aluminum, cast iron, nonstick coating. Every material has it’s pros and cons. So make an informed decision before buying.

Most waffle machines are non-stick and some have removable pieces for easier cleaning. Moreover each grid material has its set of pros and cons, especially when it comes to ease of maintenance.

If you buy a high quality waffle machines, you’ll notice that it comes with indicator functions such as lights and beepers which inform you for every important event during cooking.

Ideally a waffle machine should possess a temperature setting that can be adjusted depending upon the type of waffle you want. A wide temperature range gives you complete control over your recipes.

Safety features include cool-to-the-touch handle, insulation, a locking lid and automatic shutoff etc.

A feature you might find particularly useful is the timer. People handling the machine can engage themselves in other tasks without worrying about the dish to be prepared.

We hope that we were able to answer most of your questions and now you possess the ample amount of knowledge about waffle machines to make the right investment for your business.

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