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Ideas for Restaurants – Ice Pops


It’s my second article in the series on “Ideas for restaurants” and I believe this summer is making me think too much about ice cream. Ice cream products always do well in hot countries like India, Brazil, and Australia among others, but the side-effect is the seasonality of the customer demand makes it difficult of restaurant owners to maintain sales in non-summer months.

The name “Ice Pops” may be a common name in developed nations, but in India doesn’t ring a bell to most. Ice Candies or Stick candies has been prevalent in the Indian market for long. But unfortunately, the product range hasn’t seen any innovation, nor has been adopted as an opportunity by restaurant owners.

The Popsicle we have had till date is with frozen water and artificial flavors. The future of these candies is seen as a low-calorie, delicious dessert made with fresh fruit and good quality ingredients. It might end up challenging the business model of traditional ice cream manufacturers like Mother Dairy, Amul, Kwality Walls etc, at least if not at most in the urban cities in India.

Commercial Equipment

For small-sized producers just starting out in this industry, or professionals who want to increase their production in a modular way, having the ability to add one or more piece of equipment into the production line, according to demand goes a long way. We offer a semi-automatic machine for producing water-based (orange, pineapple, lemon, etc.) or milk-based (chocolate, vanilla, etc.) pops.

The molds that freeze the pos are immersed into a tank containing glycol & water at -20° to -30° Celsius. At ideal turbulence of the glycol leads to precise and uniform cooling of the molds leading to breakage free ice pops.

Retail Strategy

A recent distribution strategy also promoted by the Indian government is of food trucks or carts to improve hygiene level of street foods in the country. This method, allows sellers to explore different markets without the burden of fixed rental, although the same being heavy investment oriented. 

Alternatively, one can also look at a restaurant with an air-cooled display cabinet to attract customers. But this store should primarily be seen as a brand-building and an experience building center. Align our strategies with the current market trends, like an Ice Candy Cart at every road-side corner will go a long way in creating acceptance of the product and the brand overall.

Ice Cream Truck, Popsicle

This idea may not start giving you returns from day one, but ideal for somebody who understands brand-building and willing to spend under the brand for a long time will see good results.

Last but not the least, I leave you with a mouth-watering palate of Ice Pops.

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