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Ideas for Restaurants – Fresh Rolled Ice Cream

You may have got recipes, menu, and suggestions for a restaurant, even then there are very few ideas where creativity play the major role and has an opportunity to innovate every time you come back to the store.

Rolled Ice Cream may be wide-spread service in south-east Asian countries, but the question I keep asking myself is how this idea stayed away from this populated and innovating country like India. The idea has a potential to make to exist amongst the numerous & monotonous ice cream vending machines found on India gate, also can make it to a fine dining restaurant in South Delhi or South Bombay.

Ice Cream Rikshaw

Making rolled ice cream is very simple. You get some fresh fruit chop it up in the pan and then mix it with a mixture of full cream milk & cream and pour the mixture over a freezing cold plate that will turn the mixture almost instantly into ice cream. The reason we call it rolled ice cream is that as you scrap it up from the cold plate, the ice cream comes off as a roll.

You can use almost any fruit you want, banana, strawberry, orange, berry, kiwifruit, etc. Chocolate also works very well and you can decorate the ice cream in its paper cup with a piece of biscuit, nuts, raisins, oats, chocolate chips, or even ’hundreds and thousands’.

The serving made are 100% natural, fresh and cool, and prepared right in front of the customer adding to his delight. It could go well as a small street shop or as a van where you can transport the stall to public events.

The key here is the presentation and business model. The format of the store needs to match with the menu and pricing of the items. The brand should be able to communicate clearly the product offering. And you are good to go.

So this being my first idea. Have fun, enjoy making all that ice cream and become an innovative food vendor. The idea has worked very well in Thailand and Taiwan, so consider this idea as one having a low-risk factor.

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